Here, I’ll strictly post art, but I’ll tell you a bit about myself. (Not like many people will actually see this)

-I’m fourteen going on fifteen.
-I watch a lot of anime and my style was and still is inspired by it, but I have a wider range of inspiration now, including artists on deviantart and conversations with friends.
-I’ve seriously been teaching myself to draw since age eight.
– Almost everything I see and hear triggers a memory, but I keep quiet about it most (pretty much all) of the time. My memories work like this: usually I can remember which way I was facing relative to the rest of the room, if there was talking in it, I can remember from which direction the voice(s) came from, whether it was warm or cold… but I can’t remember what I had for lunch last Wednesday! :,D
– I have an old tablet and a new tablet, and I use them both for the same drawings because one isn’t calibrated to pressure sensitivity, so it functions like my mouse except more quickly. This gives my digital art more depth.
-I would do art commissions for actual money, if I could find a good way to get that to work.
-I prefer headphones to earphones.
-These fun facts are in no particular order.


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